Book Reviews

Me with a book smiling and leaning against a fence

I love a good book!
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How to get reviewed here:

I eagerly publish book reviews for the following genres:

  • children’s books
  • YA
  • science fiction
  • medieval fantasy
  • historical fiction
  • biography

Please note that I have limits on the amount of violence, gratuitous sex, or bad language (swearing) that I will tolerate.  I definitely don’t need to read that, and nobody else really does either.

I am super keen to support indie authors and publishers if you can support me by sending me an e-version of your book!  Contact me at

I am also delighted to receive copies of books from mainstream publishers.  Email me to receive my postal address for hard copies.

As well as reviewing on this blog, I have been a reviewer for Writers’ Web since 2014.

Writers' Web Book Reviewer

Writers’ Web Book Reviewer


Published Book Reviews:

  1. My reviews of the short stories written for The Final Draft, the 2014 Write Around Queensland anthology, can be read here:
    1. A Chance Meeting by Carol Cattell – review
    2. Gertrude’s Birthday by Diane Andrews – review
    3. Valentine’s Day Ball by Valda Spencer – review
  2. Reviews of books from independent publishing houses:
    1. On Track by Kathryn Apel – review

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