Editing Portfolio

Recent editing projects:

Corporate and government clients:

  • Canstar: https://www.canstar.com.au/author/tj-ryancanstar-com-au/
  • Canstar Blue: http://www.canstarblue.com.au/author/tj-ryan/
  • TELLS (TAFE Qld English Language and Literacy Services) Publications:
    • Work Experience Guidelines for Host Organisations (2014)
    • The Law Book: Community Law in Australia (2013) in conjunction with Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS)
    • Community Law Activities by Sarah Woodland (2013)
    • Everyday Australian Picture Dictionary (English) (2nd ed) (2013)

      Everyday Australian Picture Dictionary (English) by TELLS, proofread and indexed by TJ Withers-Ryan

      Everyday Australian Picture Dictionary (English) by TELLS, proofread and indexed by TJ Withers-Ryan

    • Everyday Living Series: Teacher Resource (2013)
    • Struggles on Stranger Street (2013)
    • Australian SingSong Resource Book by Narelle Brock (2013)
  • Massari Capital Pty Ltd’s Alternative Investment Trading product information brochure (2013)
  • AMC Training & Consulting: Certificate III in Aged Care: Unit CHCCS426B Provide Support and Care Relating to Loss and Grief (2013), copywriting
  • LTi (Language Training Institute), proofreading, copy-editing, and desktop publishing:
    • TESOL Made Practical For All Situations textbook, study guide, and workbooks for Certificate IV and Diploma in TESOL
    • Christian Ministry and Theology Training Package (course outline documents for Cert III, Cert IV, Diploma, Grad Cert, Grad Dip, and Advanced Diploma courses)
  • QUOTALS (QUT Association of Law and Justice) My Learned Friend (2011), Publications Assistant and contributor: ‘Smiling at the crocodile: surviving law school’ article
  • Soul Consultancy Group, 2009 – 2011: Publications editing consultant responsible for writing, editing, and proofreading all publications, website copy, project proposals, business plans, and recruitment adverts, as well as all grant- and partnership-seeking correspondence

In-house editing:

  • You Only Want Me For My Mind & other bed-time stories by John Rynn with John Corrigan (IP, GlassHouse Books, 2013), memoir, copy-edited Foreword and Prologue only
  • Frenchmans Cap: Story of a Mountain by Simon Kleinig (IP, GlassHouse Books, 2012), historical non-fiction, copy-editing and proofreading
  • Abigail the Courageous! (working title) by Amanda Caroline Nair (2013), children’s picture book
  • 'Brave Squish Rabbit' by Katherine Battersby (proofreading project)

    ‘Brave Squish Rabbit’ by Katherine Battersby (proofreading project)

    The Torrent by Amanda Gearing (UQP, 2012), non-fiction, proofreading

  • Brave Squish Rabbit by Katherine Battersby (UQP, 2012), children’s picture book proofreading

Author clients:

  • Currently editing memoir for confidential client (just wait till she releases her book – her story is incredible!)
  • My Best Friend’s Band by Leanne Laydon (2014), teen novel
  • Kelly’s Divide by Darryn Fry (2014), crime noir novel
  • ‘James Campbell and the Great Chutney Disaster’ by Pamela Greet in Write Around Queensland anthology (2014), children’s short story
  • Simon Black: The Black Lion (available on Amazon)

    Simon Black: The Black Lion

    Simon Black: The Black Lion by Ray and Fran Black (2013) (available on Amazon), biography

  • Athlyn and the Demon Hordes (working title) by Dean Scully (2013), medieval fantasy novel
  • Dugong Writer’s Critique Group (2007 – 2010), facilitator and secretary

Academic clients:

  • Caleb Mayne (2014), mechanical engineering dissertation
  • Arindam Ghosh (2014), postgraduate business plan
  • Mansfield State High School MAP Program (Term 1, 2010), creative writing class teacher
  • SU Ubertweak Summer camp for high schoolers (2012), scriptwriter

Read testimonials from my clients here.

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