• “I engaged Tirzah to edit my undergraduate dissertation on the maintenance schedule of a diesel-electric locomotive engine. Even though she does not work in the maintenance engineering field, Tirzah was able to dissect and clarify the content. The work was completed quickly and accurately.” Caleb Mayne, author of mechanical engineering dissertation
  • Happy crazy writer. Image source: The Digital Hobo

    Image source: The Digital Hobo

    “Your changes really show a marked improvement. I knew you were the right person for the job. You pointed out other things I hadn’t even considered. Thank you again. I feel much better about the story now.” Darryn Fry, author of Kelly’s Divide

  • “It’s great to have someone else’s perspective to help you reflect on the writing.” Pamela Greet, author of Jack Campbell and the Great Chutney Disaster
  • “Your comments were encouraging and inspiring. Thank you.” Amanda Caroline Nair, author of Abigail the Courageous!
  • “The feedback is just the sort I am looking for.” Dean Scully, author of Athlyn and the Demon Hordes (working title)
  • “Thank you for turning this around on such short notice; looks great.” TELLS Publications Officers (TAFE English Language and Literacy Services)
  • “This is great work.  Really! Well done!” AMC Training & Consulting
  • “We are really impressed with the quality of your work.” LTi (Language Training Institute)

Read about other editing projects in my portfolio.

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