How struggle grows creativity

This post begins with viniculture and ends with your created masterpiece.

Why viniculture?  Because viniculture is seriously hard.  See, wine comes from grapes.  And grapes are relatively “easy” to grow, but good wine is really difficult to make.  If you want good wine, you have to make your grapes struggle for it.

Photo of Grapes

Tasy, tasty grapes

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Does adulthood squash creativity or am I just lazy?

This post will be a rant.  Expect it.  Don’t be too disappointed.

See how I make disclaimers?  That’s because I’m an adult.  And adults have expectations of other adults.

The expectation that I am fighting off by this disclaimer is that I should be able to write a coherent post because I am an adult and I am educated and I call myself a writer and I edit other people’s writing for a living and I got enough sleep last night.

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