Songs for playing DND

Here’s my favourite new finds for songs to play in the background of your next DND session! 😎✨

Yes, I play DND, and I love it!

Best background songs for playing DND

1. Step into the Stinky Dragon by Micah Risinger – look, I’m cheating with this one because it’s from the DND actual play podcast Tales from the Stinky Dragon, but I’m not sorry — it’s just amazing! Great for literally anything. (Bonus – another amazing song by Micah that’s been stuck in my head for weeks: His Name Is Mudd (firbolg comedy song).)

2. Jungle & tribal music – lost rainforest by the Fiechters. Good for forest and wilderness scenes!

3. Running up that hill (by Kate Bush) instrumentals only, performed by the Unsecret String Quartet. Great for emotional scenes.

4. Heroic Fantasy Music by the Fiechters. Good for the start of initiative in combat scenes and for use as a theme song for characters in the martial classes.

5. If in a fantasy Maori setting – Hine-i-te Awatea (Oceanic Feeling, the Maori translation version) by Lorde. Good for druids. ♥️

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Songs for Lucky Girl Syndrome

I recently tried searching for songs and playlists to help me build confidence that things can and will go well for me…

But I couldn’t find any good lists 😔 😕

So here’s the list I made for myself! It’s a public playlist on YouTube Music – TJ Withers – so go ahead and add it to your library if you like it!

I found all of these artists through tiktok and I like their style!

Best lucky girl songs 2023

I plan to add to this list, so let me know your favourite songs to help you feel lucky and optimistic and manifest only the best for yourself!

You’ll recognise Sia, of course, and you might know Morgan St Jean as the singer songwriter who went viral for “Not All Men”. As an SA survivor myself, I love that song more than words can say, and I love this new song by her, “Energy”, even more!

All my love to these artists for their work, I’m really enjoying listening to your songs to motivate me through a difficult time in life!

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Assure vs ensure vs insure

Someone recently asked me when to use each of the different variations of “assure”, “ensure”, and “insure”.

And as always, I didn’t just answer their question – I said I’d try to think of a way you can remember the difference more easily.

So I did!

Difference between assure vs ensure vs insure (verbs)

Assure = to reassure someone that everything is as it should be.

e.g. I can assure you that my team will meet its budget this financial year.

You can remember this because you can replace it with “reassure you”, which literally includes the word “assure”. If you type “reensure”, you’ll know it’s not going to work.

Ensure = to make sure that something does / doesn’t happen.

e.g. My team needs to ensure that it meets its budget for this financial year.

Insure = to get insurance against a bad event happening.

e.g. To insure against the risk of spending too much, my team will look at its budget once a month until the end of the financial year.

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Difference between assurance, ensuring, and insurance

What does that look like when you’re using the noun version instead of the verb?


e.g. Can you give me any assurance that your team will meet their budget this financial year?

You can remember this because in this sentence, you want to be reassured, and the “assure” word within “reassure” is the same as in the noun “assurance”.

e.g. Can you reassure me that your team will meet their budget this financial year?


There’s no such word as “ensurance” to match “assurance”, so instead, you would use the word “ensuring”.

e.g. Is there a way of ensuring that my team will definitely meet their budget?

This is the same as saying “making sure”.


e.g. If my team doesn’t meet their budget, do we have any insurance to protect against breaking the business unit’s forecast?

You can remember the difference between insurance and assurance because the cost of insurance these days is definitely not “reassuring”.

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