Bank advertising that does and doesn’t work

I’ve been working in finance since 2015, and I’ve seen some great finance advertising (the Compare the Market meerkats are a good example) and some truly dreadful advertising.

So today I’ll give you a very quick rundown on how to advertise – and what not to do – as a bank.

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Weird and Wonderful Advertising: Closed for Maintenance

Here’s a beauuuuutiful example of a brand doing “closed for maintenance” right, by defusing any anger people might be feeling about it: Urban Utilities water mains upgrades in the Brisbane CBD this week.

Urban Utilities ad in Brisbane CBD November 2020: These water pipes have been in business for almost 100 years. Please excuse us while we replace them.
Photo credit: TJ Withers-Ryan. Advertising: Urban Utilities, November 2020, Brisbane CBD.

That’s a great way to say, yes sorry we’re doing maintenance, but you can’t be too mad – these poor pipes have been serving you well for years and they deserve a break!

This is especially important because water mains outages are very inconvenient and a lot of people would be mad about it.

Urban Utilities logo on advertising seen in Brisbane CBD in November 2020.
Photo credit: TJ Withers-Ryan. Advertising: Urban Utilities, November 2020, Brisbane CBD.

I love this advertising. Makes me feel good about maintenance works for the first time in my life, so well done, Urban Utilities.

Well done.

(C) TJ Withers-Ryan 2020.

Weird and Wonderful Advertising: Church Edition

This morning, I spotted not one but TWO churches who had the same indecipherable Bible verse on their billboard.

In a second, I’ll tell you what verse they chose and why it just. Doesn’t. Work.

But first, let’s look at why some churches have billboards outside their worship centre (why advertise), and what they’re hoping to achieve (the advertising goal).

Let me say at the outset – I’ve been to a lot of churches, and they’re not all great expressions of God’s love – but some are! I have attended a few great churches.

Churches where the people show God’s love in practical ways to the world and to each other during the week.

Where the people show genuine affection for each other when they hang out.

Where the people show love for God in how they worship on a Sunday.

And I love God. 100%. I wish more people knew how awesome his love is.

Why churches advertise

Churches typically have three interrelated goals when advertising:

  1. Invite the reader to seek God. This is the core aim of reaching out to the world (in church speak, evangelism).
  2. Invite the reader to join their community of faith (fellowship).
  3. Invite the reader to learn more about their set of beliefs (doctrine).

And these are the goals that all outward-facing, publicly-visible materials should be judged against, if that church is indeed trying to reach out to the communities around it.

That’s why things like your church’s website, Facebook page, Google maps entry, billboard, and social events calendars, are all vitally important, and must be working towards those three “advertising” goals.

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Weird and Wonderful Advertising: Humour Done Right

Last time, I showed you how advertising that uses ill-advised humour destroys the trust of your customer.

So I promised that this time I’d show you how you can use humour for good effect, to make you memorable, while still keeping the trust your customer places in your brand or your industry.

Oscar Wylee advertising

Today’s case study is the optometrist Oscar Wylee, whose advertising I walked past in the Myer Centre (Brisbane) in July 2020.

“Get tested: book a bulk billed eye exam today.” Oscar Wylee in person advertisement
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