Weird and Wonderful Advertising: Humour Done Right

Last time, I showed you how advertising that uses ill-advised humour destroys the trust of your customer.

So I promised that this time I’d show you how you can use humour for good effect, to make you memorable, while still keeping the trust your customer places in your brand or your industry.

Oscar Wylee advertising

Today’s case study is the optometrist Oscar Wylee, whose advertising I walked past in the Myer Centre (Brisbane) in July 2020.

“Get tested: book a bulk billed eye exam today.” Oscar Wylee in person advertisement
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Weird and Wonderful Advertising: Midas Auto Service edition

My new series is going to be all about the weird and wonderful advertising and marketing I see in my travels as a communications specialist (writer) in Australia.

This week’s beauty comes from Midas Auto Service in Brisbane.

“Teamwork means not having to take all the blame yourself.” Midas Auto Service sign
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