Why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year

I was very touched to look up my blog statistics today and see that, gosh, pretty much as many people are reading my blog this month – when I’ve posted literally nothing – as any other month. In my head, this could be caused by many possibilities, all of them fairly positive – you actually find what I wrote in the past interesting, so you came back to reread it, or you told other people about it; or new people found the blog on Google and read something; or you all missed me and kept checking the blog daily to see if I’d written anything new yet.

Well, I haven’t written anything new. But I don’t feel bad about it – and here’s why you don’t need to feel bad about it either.

The Hulk. Image source: Comic Vine

How I felt throughout most of September. RAAAARGH! Image source: Comic Vine

I worked so much that September was crazy busy – and I don’t mean that in a slang way, I mean I went a bit crazy because of how full every week was. I really thought October would bring things back to normal, but I still feel like I’m catching up on sleep and “me time”.

But then this week I came back to el bloggina and I thought to myself, hang on, what do I really want to put on here?

Because strange though it sounds, all through the past 2 months I kept having these great ideas for blog posts while I was on the train to work or on my lunch break… and none of them had anything to do with creativity or writing or art. I keep coming back to my other passions in life, mentoring young women, mental health, old-fashioned love and relationships in a modern world.

I’ve been re-reading Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets and absolutely loving it, spending so much time in intercessory prayer and learning so much about God and prayer… While I’m sharing with lots of people in the real world, I’m also dying to share it with more people, and a blog seems to me like the obvious choice for a writer.

So a lot of the blog post ideas I was coming up with were faith-related, but not at all creativity-related, and I just didn’t feel like they fit on this blog.

Then I was like, “Well should I end this blog and start a new one?”

Reflekting cat is taking tiem to reflkt. LOLCAT. ICT Cool

Image source: ICT Cool

Have been reflecting on self and values and passions… What I write will be the better for this time of reflection, I know. I feel like so much of what I would want to write about could still belong here, but so much wouldn’t fit.

So stay tuned. This site may get a revamp and morph into something slightly different and more beautiful, or it may stay the same and I’ll just come back to normal blogging activity when the urge arrives. Or if I decide to make a new blog full of beauty and wonder, I’ll let you know where to find it.

Either way, thank you for reading what I’ve written so far and joining me on this creative journey.

Oh, hehe, I just remembered I titled this post “Why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year”. In case the answer is not yet clear from the above ramblings, the answer is: no clear plan for a novel, so much journalism writing for work, so little other writing happening at the moment.

Lolcat I has a money what do I do wif it? Image source: GetRichSlowly

This represents what I do at work, educating people about different financial products. Image source: GetRichSlowly

By the way, I’ve switched roles from the customer products side of the company to the finance side. You can now read all of my financial articles on the CANSTAR website: CANSTAR articles by TJ Ryan. I’ve written a lot, so choose carefully and look for one you’d actually be interested in; don’t just read the first one in the list.

Did I say everything I needed to, wanted to?

God bless, you guys. I’ll talk to you soon.

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