How to Make Money as a Content Creator (In Theory)

I found myself Googling this exact phrase this week — don’t ask — and could not find the actual answer anywhere.

As in, the numbers of followers you need to have on each platform before you can join a Creator Fund, get ad sponsors, or monetise your content.

I’m not at all interested in all those posts that say they’re about how to make money, but they’re actually just about how to make good content. Nope, I’m all about trying to make some extra cash, thanks.

So I’m collecting the answers here, for you and for me.

This is all information collated from various sources; this is not from personal experience (sadly). As you’ll see, it’s a challenge, each platform is very different, and none of them make it terribly easy.

Let me know if you’d like me to add information from any other social media platforms!

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What am I doing here?

Hi, my name is Tirzah, and I’m a write-aholic. The last time I wrote was 14 hours ago, and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already.

So you can understand why I decided to write a blog about the writing process.

I think I’m really a researcher at heart. I enjoy sorting things, finding things out – almost more even than making things. Last year I conducted a survey of all my “creative” friends asking two main questions: “Why do we create?” and “How do we go about creating?”

I’ll be posting the results of said survey shortly, but for now, it’s enough that my intention is out there, in the void of the intertubes. I hope you enjoy the anticipation of what is to come… The suspense may just kill me.

George Orwell quote on "Why I write" Image source: Wonder Pens

George Orwell quote on “Why I write”
Image source: Wonder Pens


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