Why do I write?

CI Foundation Units 2011: "I am creative because" / "I am not creative because"

CI Foundation Units 2011: “I am creative because” / “I am not creative because”

“Why do I create?”

I was always certain I would grow up to be a writer.   My first words were “book”, “sit” and “read”.   There’s something about curling up with a good story and getting totally immersed in another world.

When I was four I discovered that it was possible to write one’s own stories!   (Imagine!)

This became a part of my identity – what do I like to do?   “I write stories.”

I’m not the only one creating things into the void as part of a search for meaning.   Some say the very meaning of life is “to create a connection between our inner depths and the outer world” (Kant, 1982, quoted in Ventegodt et al, 2003, 4).


Everyone has their reasons...

“Why are you creative?” from KKB101 lecture, 2011, QUT

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