Publishing My First Book

I’m so happy to be able to finally type those words. 😊🤩😎😭🥰❤

Go here to be one of the first to buy my book!

It’s available on any of the major booksellers, like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo…

And here’s 5 reasons why you’re going to love it!

book cover for Fire Dancers in the Sand by TJ Withers-Ryan
Book 1 in the Fire Dancers series by TJ Withers-Ryan

5 reasons you’ll love Fire Dancers in the Sand

Reason 1: You miss travel

Like a lot of people, I have missed travel so much during this pandemonium.

So you’ll love that in this book, you get to explore not just one, but several new fantasy worlds, with our hero, Fern.

Reason 2: You love love

Fern is just entering the world for the first time – and not by choice – when she gets kicked out of her home tribe.

So she’s not just discovering her world and who she could be in it – she also discovers her first love…

There’s love of lots of different shapes and sizes in this book.

Boy meets girl.





Also, this past year has been insane. So if you wish there was less racism in the world, for people of every nation, race, ethnicity, and background, this story will speak to you.

Reason 3: You’ve felt like you don’t fit in

If you’ve ever struggled to find your tribe, find your place, find your spot and your people and your YOU, this story is for you.

It’s the number one reason this story called to me from the void, and why I let it into my heart.

Reason 4: You are never satisfied with just one book

It’s book 1 in a series of 3 books (so far)!

And book 2, Fire Warriors on the Mountain (working title), is not far off from production!

So when you get to the end of Fire Dancers in the Sand and still want more of Fern and her friends, you won’t have to wait long!

Reason 5: You like to PARTAY

Yes, there is a circus.

Yes, it is LOTS of fun! And Fern trains to become a fire dancer – so cool!

No, it is not like The Night Circus.

Or The Greatest Showman.

Yes, you will still love it.

Promise. 😉

Peace. TJ out. 😎

One thought on “Publishing My First Book

  1. We’re so excited to see your first book published, too! And even more excited to know that #2 is on its way. You’re a star, Tirzah. Born to write!

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